weco wd

Energy-efficient chillers with free cooling function
and integrated temperature control circuits

With the decentralised solution, gwk adds a machine series that offers a high level of flexibility for numerous applications to its portfolio. The customer can individually and precisely set the ideal cooling water temperature for every production machine and for every process in production. Thanks to the direct connection to the consumer, there are no thermal losses, but instead a high flow rate and constant pressure.


The weco wd series consists of easy to operate plug&play machines that can easily be installed and commissioned. Three processes can be run with the solution: Free cooling, refrigeration process for low temperatures down to -5°C and temperature control up to 90 °C –everything can be chosen as desired. There is a total of four models with cooling powers between 14 kW and 36 kW (at 15 °C feed flow temperature) and heating powers between 9 kW and 36 kW.


The standard equipment includes a refrigeration circuit with digitally controlled compressor, an integrated free cooling function for energy-efficient operation at low outdoor temperatures and a temperature control circuit with constant heat control.

The standard scope of supply also includes the flow measuring device and pressure display with a pressure gauge in the circulating medium as well as a ball valve for the motor controller in the temperature control circuit. Optionally the weco wd can be implemented with a second temperature control circuit to control the temperature of the nozzle and cutter sides of the injection moulds differently.


The new gwk modulControl controller with fast 32-bit processor is used for the machines – the highperformance solution from the new gwk family of controllers. It has the logotherm display and control unit that has been independently developed with a modern 7-inch touch screen. The processor board
has been designed separately for improved safety and reliability. The inputs and outputs of different circuit boards can be chosen as desired. A network connection for remote servicing as well as inputs and outputs for sensors and messages are also included with the equipment. Updates are easy to complete using a USB connection or SD card.

Improve Parts
process reliability
operating costs

weco wd

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