teco wd

Modular temperature controllers with water
direct up to 150°C

The use of direct cooling is always an advantage when a high cooling capacity is requires and the temperature differences between cooling water and circulating water are low. Here cooling water is directly and without temperature loss supplied to the circulation circuit. Absolute reliability, high regulating accuracy, easy operation and a favorable price/performance ratio: apart from the versatile performance features a modern temperature machine has to fulfill, these are the key criteria in the temperature controller wd series.


As one-circuit and multi-circuit units, our modular temperature controllers in the teco wd series cover a wide performance spectrum. Heating capacities of 12 to 1000 kW, max. possible cooling capacities up to 3460 kW* and pump flow rates of max. 300 m3/h are impressive basic data of these technically sophisticated temperature controllers for operation with compressed water up to 150°C. The temperature controllers in the teco wd series can also be configured as either cooling or heating units.


*) for 15° cooling water temperature and 60°C circulating medium temperature

By standard, all units are equipped with our proven gwk touchcontrol:

  • Self-optimized, interface-compatible gwk logotherm microprocessor regulation with high regulating accuracy.
  • Operation in several languages via touch screen display 3/5”, alternatively VNC service via Ethernet from your PC
  • Continuous monitoring of process parameters
  • Simultaneous display of temperature target and actual value
  • Adjustable limitation of setpoint values
  • Ramp function for temperature changes
  • Integrated operating and service informationSaving and call-up of process parameters with SD card
  • VNC server via Ethernet
  • User-dependent rights for fitter and administrator levels
Improve Parts
Reject Rates
process reliability

teco wd

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