teco tt/th

Modular temperature controllers with oil
up to 400°C

The higher process temperatures, the higher the technical requirements for the temperature machine. Decades of experience in construction of temperature machines for heat carrier oil applications up to 400°C makes us the preferred partner of many customers for applications of this kind, particularly in the area of pressing and extrusion.

Dimensioning of our teco tt/th series up to 400°C is based on DIN 4754. Design and technical configuration of all temperature controllers are based on the requirements of this norm. Exact film temperature calculation ensures, in combination with flow monitoring, efficient and at the same time reliable operation in all operating conditions. A lockable filter in the circulating medium return line is a standard installation; another installed feature is an expansion vessel with a cold oil container for reliable prevention of damage by oxidation due to oxygen accumulation in the heat carrier.


Depending on the application and the media present on site, heating and cooling can be executed in the most different ways. For instance, if a primary circuit with gas or oil heating is installed or desired, the units can be designed with direct heating or cooling via mixing valves. The temperature machines in the teco tt/th series can also be configured as either cooling or heating units.

By standard, all units are equipped with our proven gwk touch regulator:

  • Self-optimized, interface-compatible gwk logotherm microprocessor regulation with high regulating accuracy
  • Operation in several languages via touch screen display 3/5”, alternatively VNC service via Ethernet from your PC
  • Continuous monitoring of process parameters
  • Simultaneous display of temperature target and actual value
  • Adjustable limitation of setpoint values
  • Ramp function for temperature changes
  • Integrated operating and service information
  • Saving and call-up of process parameters with SD card
  • VNC server via Ethernet
  • User-dependent rights for fitter and administrator levels
Improve Parts
Reject Rates
process reliability

teco tt/th

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