teco cr 2-160

Temperature controllers with water
up to 160°C


gwk temperature controllers, model teco cr 2-160t 9 are 2-circle heating and cooling units with indirect cooling that are ready for connection and designed for the operation with water as heat transfer medium. Besides the closed temperature control circuit the temperature controller

teco cr disposes of stainless steel castors as well as a stainless housing with noise absorptoin. Thus emissions and particle contaminations can be reliably kept below the requested limit values. Particle masurements in the cleanroom laboratory of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences confirm the suitability for the application in cleanrooms accoriding to EN ISO 14644 for ISO class 6.



  • Self-optimizing gwk-logotherm microcontroller with high control accuracy 
  • Touchscreen for log in, control and monitoring of process parameters 
  • Measuring, indication and monitoring of the flow rate
  • Storage an recall of process parameters with memory card 
  • Wearless, energy-saving solid state heating control
  • Return temperature indication
  • Continuous monitoring of process parameters
  • Optional external sensor connection (Fe-CuNi or Pt 100)
  • Optional interfaces at the rear side of the unit (analog 0-10 V, 0/4 - 20 mA; serial RS 232, RS 422, RS 485; TTY; CAN-Bus; Profibus and Varan-Bus)
  • Splash proof electrics
  • Ready to connect with 3 m long mains cable and CEE socket
  • Stainless steel housing with fibre-free noise absorption suitable for laboratory use <60 dbA
  • Integrated low-emission internal cooling of the unit



Improve Parts
Reject Rates
process reliability

teco cr

is used in the following processes