teco cd

Compact temperature controllers with
direct cooling up to 120°C

Temperature controllers of the teco series cd are designed for the operation with water and direct cooling up to 95 °C or 120 °C.


The temperature of the process water is controlled automatically. A temperature sensor, installed inside the unit, measures available actual temperature. The microprocessor control with membrane keyboard or touchscreen operation compares measured value and preselect set value and controls heating or cooling. A trouble free operation is guaranteed by a complete safety system.


As standard the unit is equipped with a large number of functions, on request this may be complimented by various useful options. For connection with the controllers of the processing machines all current interfaces are available.

  • Self-optimizing gwk-logotherm microcontroller with high control accuracy (version t)
  • Touchscreen for log in, control and monitoring of process parameters (version t)
  • Intuitive operating interface with user-friendly menu navigation (version t)
  • Measuring, indication and monitoring of the flow rate (version t)
  • Integrated operating and service information (version t)
  • Storage and recall of process parameters with memory card (version t)
  • Wearless, energy-saving solid state heating control
  • Return temperature indication (version t)
  • Continuous monitoring of process parameters (version t)
  • Splash proof electrics
  • Ready to connect with 3 m long mains cable and CEE socket
  • Simple operation and administration of the units via PC with VNC-Server-Function (t-Version)
Improve Parts
Reject Rates
process reliability

teco cd

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