Cooling plants


Energy-saving modules, cold water units

Air- and water cooled cold water units

  • gwk chillers in the sklc series are air-cooled compact cold water units with integrated condenser
  • gwk chillers in the skw series are water-cooled compact cold water units cooled with external cooling water

These chillers are equipped with screw condensers; the power regulation of the capacity to be dissipated is continuous.

Water-cooled cold water units in the skw series with low coolant content can be operated very efficiently and are preferably used when the available cooling water from gwk cooling towers, gwk free cooler systems or customer-provided supplies has a higher temperature level than required for the production process but is available inexpensively..

Optimized operating costs
Since shell and tube evaporators manufactured by gwk are used, these machines are especially suitable for industrial cooling processes. The gwk energysaving module, in combination with an electronic expansion valve allows realization of a continuous condenser regulation. With this type of operation, the ongoing operating costs are reduced by approx. 25% compared to common cooling units.


The high EER (COP) values achieved this way automatically result in lower operating costs. With optimized operation, ongoing operating costs are reduced by up to 35% as compared to conventional cold water units; if old cold water units are replaced, savings of up to 60% can be obtained.



High operating reliability and low wear
Energy-saving industrial water chillers have the task of drawing off heat from a process. This is done by targeted cooling with cold water at suitable points so as to simultaneously increase production and improve quality.
Except for the low-temperature range, gwk chillers are operated with R 134a, a chlorine-free refrigerant. By choosing this refrigerant, the pressure conditions in the cooling circuit are clearly lower than in systems
that use other products.As a result, the installed components are exposed to less stress, clearly less wear
and the COP value is higher. Higher COP values mean lower operating costs. This way stress and wear of the components are kept as low as possible. Therefore, the cooling plant has a long service life with minimized component stress.


  • EER figure of merit optimization
  • Continuous capacity regulation
  • Gradual condensation regulation
  • 35 - 60 % reduction of operating costs
process reliability
energy costs
operational reliability


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