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gwk presents "Low Carbon Technologies" at K 2019

The cooling and temperature control systems specialist uses numerous efficiency examples to show how production can be carried out with the lowest CO2 emissions.

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Shutdown from 01. - 09.05.19

On account of the implementation of SAP as new company software our business operations will be suspended from 01.05. up to and including  09.05.2019. For urgent matters please call our service hotline +49 2354 7060 550. On 10.05.2019 our business operations will be resumed.

gwk switches to R513A: climate-friendly refrigerant, ready for the future

Industrial cooling systems must function safely and efficiently in the long run, and they are faced with increasing demands concerning their environmental effect. Therefore, gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH from Meinerzhagen/Germany now use the refrigerant R513A for their chillers and cooling systems. Aside from a very low greenhouse potential it offers many other application benefits.

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German language course at gwk: great perspectives for employees and company

Skilled employees are becoming scarce on the German labour market. At the same time, highly qualified men and women with origins abroad are waiting for their chance to prove themselves. Where limited knowledge of the German language blocks the way, well-targeted integration measurements can tear down the language barrier. This is why gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH from Meinerzhagen/Germany strengthen their team by offering a German language course on their own premises

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The new generation of compact temperature control units teco c

The new teco c series is particularly suitable for general purpose applications

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Compact models of the enersave series offer the highest levels of efficiency

Thanks to their centrifugal pumps, the new temperature control units made by gwk enable high costs savings

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integrat 80 offers a high level of energy efficiency

integrat 80 offers a high level of energy efficiency and availability as well as extensive process monitoring capabilities
Successful launch of gwk´s new multiple-circuit temperature control system

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gwk invests in the development of its technological expertise with an asset deal

gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, based in Meinerzhagen, adds Hahn Enersave’s temperature control technology sector products to its product range.

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Segmented mould temperature control at the highest level

The integrat 80 multi circuit temperature control system from gwk, the successor to the proven integrat plus, has been designed to the latest technical standards

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New system solution for decentralised cooling

The weco wd series heats and cools in a single unit, offering greater flexibility in production

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Four trade fair novelties and one LIVE-Demonstration

gwk shows solutions for decentralised cooling , modular multi-circuit temperature control systems and even more

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Technotrans AG acquired a majority interest of 98% of gwk

The technotrans AG which is located in Sassenberg, Germany acquired a majority interest of 98 percent company shares. 

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Hall 10 / J39

Interview Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Gries in Kunststoffe International 3/2016

“It's Hard to Believe How Much Can Go Wrong in Practice”

Helmut Gries on the Concept of System in Injection Molding and the Hard Choices when Configuring Thermal Processes

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Cleanroom temperature controller - Fakuma 2015

Cleanroom temperature controller up to ISO class 6

teco cr 1602: clean, precise, quiet and powerful

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Live: gwk close-to-cavity, segmented and cyclic mould temperature control

As quality requirements of users are always increasing the application of cyclic temperature control sytems undergoes a dynamic growth. 

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New: gwk cleanroom temperature controller teco cr

The teco series has been extended with a cleanroom compatible two-circuit temperature controller. The unit is suitable for cleanroom operation acc. to EN ISO 14644 up to ISO class 6.


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New: gwk hot water temperature controller teco cs 230

The new teco cs 230t 9 supplements the teco series with water temperature controller up to 225°C for the processing of high-performance plastic materials.


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New: gwk integrat direct standard version up to 120°C

The multi-circuit water quantity control system in modular design integrat direct has been extended by a standard version up to 120°C.


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gwk perfect cooling and temperature control

At the Fakuma 2015 the current state of technology is presented by a wide product range of temperature controllers and temperature control systems. Take this chance and visit us. We would be pleased to advise you the optimum solution to your application requirements.


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gwk energy-saving cooling systems

gwk-cooling systems are characterized by a high reliability and low operating costs. On the basis of customer specific project studies combined systems out of energy-saving components are designed that help to reduce heating costs by an intelligent use of  the heat flows. At the Fakuma 2015 we are going to show energy-efficient plant components.


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gwk water chillers series weco

The high quality standard of the proven weco series that is appreciated by users has been further improved with innovative components. Designed with new control and regulation technologies thes compact chillers became more energy-efficient and more quiet.


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gwk mould cleaning system moldclean mc1

The efficient cleaning system for cooling channels and heat exchangers has been further developed in cooperation with end-users and is now available in two versions with new optional extensions. The state-of-the-art version is presented for the first time.


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gwk segmented mould heating and cooling integrat direct and integrat 40

Whenever there are high requirements concerning surface quality and dimensional accuracy as well as stress-freeness of technical moulded parts, segmented mould temperature-control is indispensable.

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gwk dynamic cavity temperature control integrat evolution

While fluid-based solutions are largely used for integral temperature control of the production of high-quality surfaces, inmould ceramic heaters are ideal for local heating or cooling of clearly defined mould segments.

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gwk mould cleaning station moldclean mc 1

On the occasion of the Fakuma 2014 gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, Kierspe presents its latest developments in the range of cleaning systems for limed-up temperature control and cooling channels.

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gwk cooling systems

As far as cooling is concerned the trend is going towards higher savings of operating costs for cold water production and increased use of waste heat for heating processes.

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gwk temperature controllers teco

On the occasion of the K 2013 gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik, Kierspe presents its latest developments in the range of single temperature controllers.

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gwk water chillers weco series

gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH has advanced the continuous development and modernisation of its range of compact water chillers and adapted it to the changing market requirements in close cooperation with customers.

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gwk cyclic mould heat and cooling vario cs and vario wh

Dynamic mould temperature control is a temperature control method that allows temperature variations within the cycle and is also known as “variotherm temperature control”.

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gwk waterless dynamic cavity temperature control vario gt

The LIVE-application “injection moulding of thick-walled optical lenses out of PMMA material for LED lighting” shows a waterless cyclic cavity temperature control with CO2.

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"Our new location"

Welcome to the gallery of our new location.

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Press release in relation to Plastpol 2014

Happy faces could be seen at the stand of gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH on the occasion of the Plastpol in Kielce.


For their dynamic temperature control system vario cs/wh the PlatinumPlast Medal for the best peripheral technology was awarded to the specialist for cooling and temperature control from the Sauerland.

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Interview relocation

„A step into the future“

An interview with the gwk management about the relocation from Kierspe to Meinerzhagen


With the acquisition of the former Battenfeld location in Meinerzhagen and the relocation in the middle of June gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik is setting the right course for a future-oriented growth.

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gwk cold water temperature controller teco cw

In practice the patented process for the cooling of mould segments that are difficult to be temperature controlled has been proven a lot of times.

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Future-oriented growth at traditional location

gwk acquires the former Battenfeld plant in Meinerzhagen and relocates in June


With the acquisition of the former Battenfeld location in Meinerzhagen and the relocation in the middle of June gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik is setting the right course for a future-oriented growth.

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User report company Goletz

Perfect Cooling and Temperature Control

Thanks to systematic configuration and integration of temperature control technology from gwk, plastics processing specialist Walter Goletz was able to offer injection moulding as a cost-efficient alternative to thermoforming transport trays.

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gwk moldclean mc 1

Lime and corrosion are hidden cost factors. Inevitably, these two “enemies of temperature control channels” prolong the cooling time, reduce the process safety and have a negative influence on the parts’ quality.

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