The new generation of compact temperature control units teco c

The compact water temperature control units teco cs/cd up to 225°C as well as the cold water temperature control units teco cw from 0 to 25°C are the highlight of GWK Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, Meinerzhagen, at the Fakuma 2018 trade fair. The company surveyed producers worldwide and, based on their statements, the models meet all the essential criteria that are required of universal temperature control units for general purpose applications.


The series offers high-quality, yet affordable, technology in a modern design with a high availability, simple operation, ease of servicing and potential individualisation as well as the adaptation of expansion stages for comprehensive process monitoring and the requirements of Industry 4.0.


The new series is available as e- and t-devices. The e-devices, including the models teco cs 90e.1 to teco cs 180e.1, are particularly cost-effective basic devices. Their basic equipment includes the GWK basicControl microprocessor controller with a display of the set and actual temperatures, an automatic refill system, automatic mould draining and an energy-saving continuous heater control. For individualisation, gwk offers different interfaces, customised colours and lettering, mounting on castors, rubber buffers or rails and other useful options.


The t-devices have been designed for more discerning customers and are fitted with the new gwk compactControl controller with a fast 32 bit processor. It has the proprietary gwk logotherm display and control unit with a modern 7-inch touch screen. It is separated from the processor board as well as the inputs and outputs for improved safety and reliability. The top version gwk modulControl where the inputs and outputs can be chosen freely by way of circuit boards with different equipment completes the new controller family. Even the standard version of the units includes a flow measurement system. The values provided by this system are displayed together with the set and actual temperature values on the colour screen. The temperature development is represented graphically following the selection of the corresponding menu function. The symbols of the start screen can be tapped to select other useful features, such as the limit monitoring function, leak stop mode etc. To ensure optimum operational safety and reliability, a service screen provides information about maintenance intervals and tips.


With the teco cw system, gwk offers patented cold water temperature control units that can be operated without any glycol in a temperature range between 0°C and 25°C. The user can choose between two models that differ from one another in terms of their cooling and recirculation capacity. Precise microprocessor control with the simultaneous indication of setpoints and actual values, easy single-button operation, optional interfaces on the front panel of the unit, a port for external sensors, a splash-proof electrical system and the supply cable with a CEE plug for direct connection ensure that the unit is immediately ready for operation.


The extensive standard features include a leak stop mode, mould draining function, audible alarm, automatic filling and refilling, an additional manual filling option for conditioned water, a dirt trap in the cooling water connection and wetted parts made of corrosion-resistant materials.


The circulation water is cooled down to the required low temperature directly inside the unit near the mould. The heat of the mould is transferred to the cooling water of the hydraulic cooling system of the injection moulding machine. The series of units covers a wide power range so that, apart from the cooling of individual mould zones, it is also possible to supply small and medium-sized injection moulds completely with cooling water. 


With the latest teco c generation, the new enersave series and the proven modular temperature control units of the teco wi, wd, to and th series, gwk now offers an outstanding portfolio of water and oil temperature control devices with top levels of efficiency and flexibility for temperatures up to 400°C. 


In addition, gwk provides numerous system solutions for variothermal applications, multiple-circuit temperature control and mould-integrated temperature control technologies.


gwk is your perfect partner for the temperature control of processes.


Caption: Compact temperature control units of the teco c series with indirect cooling with water up to 225°C are a highlight of the gwk trade fair stand. (Picture: gwk)


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