Quick overview: gwk makes finding the perfect temperature control unit a lot easier

With the product lines base.line, high.line and eco.line, gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH provides a clearer distinction among their temperature control units in terms of their efficiency and equipment level. With the eco.line, in particular, the cooling and temperature control technology expert from Meinerzhagen focuses on a long-term economic and CO2-neutral production. The new website www.temperiergeraete.com with a product finder and various filter options provides a quick overview of the performance, equipment and estimated delivery time of the gwk temperature control units.


"Thanks to our new product lines, users will be able to find the perfect temperature control unit for their needs much faster," says Ralf Radke, Head of Business Development of gwk. The compact temperature control units are available as three distinctive product lines – base.line, high.line and eco.line – which differ mainly in terms of their pump technology, operating concept and possible degree of customisation. "We want to show all of our customers the most sustainable and perfectly suitable temperature control unit for their specific requirements in a particularly quick manner," says Radke.


In terms of its efficiency and user-friendliness, the base.line series as a universal temperature control unit line is in line with the current, cost-efficient market standard which is based on peripheral pumps. The temperature units of the high.line series are also equipped with peripheral pumps. However, they offer a higher level of user-friendliness thanks to their innovative 7" multi-touch display and their long-term warranty for the heating cartridge. Finally, the sustainable eco.line series made by gwk with its highly efficient centrifugal pumps sets a new standard: "Due to its high energy savings and funding options, this product line makes not only ecological but also economic sense. Additional investments compared to the less efficient units usually pay for themselves in a very short time," explains Radke.


Landing page with an easy-to-use configuration feature

For the launch of the new product lines, the expert for temperature control solutions presents a new landing page which enables a clear comparison of the various units, thereby facilitating the investment decision to be made by the customers. The website provides the user with a quick overview of the new product lines even without previous consultation with the sales team. The filter feature can be used for the selection and comparison of specific units and for placing a corresponding enquiry with gwk. Apart from the key information concerning the temperature range, flow rates and heating power, additional information about the estimated delivery time will also be available.


gwk landing page for compact temperature control units: https://www.temperiergeraete.com


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