integrat 80 offers a high level of energy efficiency

The integrat 80 multiple-circuit temperature control system is one of the highlights of the trade fair presentation of gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, Meinerzhagen, at the Fakuma 2018 trade fair. The company stated that the system, which had been presented for the first time the year before, has been a huge success among its customers. "The integrat 80 has really been a big hit on the market and has attracted numerous existing as well as prospective customers," describes Helmut Gries, Head of Sales and Marketing, the successful market launch.


Numerous technical innovations that respond to the wishes of the producers for high availability, comprehensive process monitoring and energy-efficient operation characterise the integrat 80. The most important features include constant cooling water control that is resistant to soiling with a newly developed flow rate measurement unit up to 140°C that does not require moving components as well as, if required, frequency control of the sealless, magnetically coupled stainless steel pumps. 


An important feature is the new gwk modulControl controller with a fast 32 bit processor. This is the most complex solution from the new gwk family of controllers. It has the logotherm display and control unit that has been independently developed with a modern 7-inch touch screen on which the most important parameters of up to 24 temperature control circuits are set and adjusted. The processor board has also been designed separately for improved safety and reliability. The inputs and outputs of different circuit boards can be chosen as desired.


Other features include the separation of the hydraulic circuits from the electrical functional parts, the high level of flexibility as well as the low space requirement. The use of IE-3 motors on the magnetically coupled stainless steel pumps as well as the option to now operate up to 24 temperature control circuits via a single interface to the processing machine have been added.


The temperature control system can be expanded to a maximum of 96 temperature control circuits with the aid of the vtc 4-way distributor, whereby the actual values of the flow rate and the temperature of the circulating medium are displayed on the central display for each circuit. In addition, the integrat 80 has a VNC server with which complete remote access to all the parameter levels is possible.


"With a small space requirement, low installation effort and easy replacement of individual modules, the integrat 80 offers many advantages compared with single devices," explains Helmut Gries. "Especially for the segmented temperature control of large moulds, it achieves optimum results."


gwk has gathered important experiences from a wide range of customer projects. "Wherever multiple-circuit temperature control brings competitive advantages for the producer compared with single devices, the feedback was particularly pleasing," says Gries who points out that the new integrat 80 is more powerful than its predecessor. Each circuit now has a heating capacity of over 9 kW and a powerful 60 litre pump.

Caption: The modular multiple-circuit temperature control system integrat 80 by gwk for the segmented mould temperature control ensures a high degree of freedom for all temperature control applications. (Picture: gwk)


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