gwk segmented mould heating and cooling integrat direct and integrat 40

Temperature control systems for high-tech applications

gwk segmented mould heating and cooling integrat direct and integrat 40


Whenever there are high requirements concerning surface quality and dimensional accuracy as well as stress-freeness of technical moulded parts, segmented mould temperature-control is indispensable. Particularly for special processes of injection moulding such as multi-component injection moulding, back injection of films and insert moulding of metallic insert parts with complex geometries and class-A-surfaces, the processor must be able to apply different temperatures to individual mould segments. Special multi-circuit temperature-control systems such as the gwk integrat 40 and the integrat direct became increasingly popular among demanding processors.


Three of the four different temperature control systems out of the system integrat series are presented at the K 2013 on the basis of demonstrators, samples and LIVE applications at KraussMaffei and Sumitomo Demag.


The integrat 40 is offered in two versions that – depending on the design - can be used for the operation with water up to 95°C or 140°C. The cooling water quantities for up to six completely independently operating temperature control circuits which are equipped with seal-free magnetically-coupled stainless steel pumps are controlled individually and constantly. Together with the installed standard continuous heating regulation this achieves a homogenous temperature-profile on the surface of the mould cavity and is extremely energy-saving. The effect can be positively further enforced by employing the ideal combination with the integrat 4D, our proven technology for producing close-to cavity temperature-control channels inside the moulds. The vertical construction with a footprint of 60 x 60 cm and the central electric and cooling water connection permits the cost- and space-saving integration into production cells.


Processors praise the intuitive and clear operator guidance on a central screen. All process data are represented numerically and graphically on a 7 inch touchscreen with colour display. Various password-protected user levels allow safe operation with saveable process parameters. An interface to the machine control system and a USB-connection can be used to transfer the data to external data carriers. The touchscreen is either integrated into the temperature control system or in a housing that can be installed anywhere.


The temperature control system integrat 40 is presented at the gwk stand in a practical installation by means of a demonstrator.


The multiple water quantity control system in modular design that is available in several versions fulfils not less than three requirements at the same time. In one system, it combines the advantages of the conventional water distributors, the impulse cooling systems and the continuously operating temperature control units while eliminating the disadvantages of each of these systems. The temperature control system disposes of up to 128 individually adjustable circuits and is suitable for the processing of polyolefins and technical thermoplastic materials.


In case of the basic execution (itd B) the requested flow rate is adjusted manually, just like at the conventional water distributor, but is then monitored by a flow meter and presented digitally and graphically on the central display of the control unit. In the standard execution (itd R) the water quantity is individually set for each circuit at the central operating unit and - if necessary - is readjusted automatically via a water quantity regulation valve within adjustable limit values. Depending on the execution flow rates between 1,8 and 32 l/min at water temperatures up to 95°C respectively 120°C can be regulated. The top-up of temperature controlled water with the supply temperatures demanded by the process is realized by upstream units of the gwk teco series.

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