gwk longlife heater with an additional long-term warranty of ten years


  • Optimum heat transfer in the temperature control unit
  • High level of reliability and excellent durability.
  • Easy cleaning for a high level of user-friendliness


Meinerzhagen, 26 May 2020 – In addition to the price and technology, the energy efficiency becomes increasingly important for buyers of compact temperature control units in the plastics-processing industry. Users are willing to invest more money if the reliability and efficiency of the units in turn ensures a reduction of the operating costs and, thereby, also lower lifecycle costs. gwk provides the users of units that are equipped with a longlife heating cartridge made of stainless steel with an even higher level of security and reliability due to the additional ten-year long-term warranty.



Wherever possible and economically viable, the goal today is to reduce the CO2 footprint. As the example of the longlife heating cartridge shows, the efficiency and durability of components can be improved with the aid of innovative solutions, high-quality materials and a refined knowledge of the users concerning the technology. Combined with efficient systems for the plastics-processing industry, it very quickly contributes to meeting the necessary climate protection objectives.



Direct heat transfer for higher efficiency and a longer service life



Two competing heating strategies with different levels of efficiency have evolved over the last two years when it comes to compact temperature control units: the direct heat transfer from the heating cartridge to the medium and the indirect heat transfers from the heating cartridge to the medium via a heating jacket.


One argument always brought forth for using the less efficient indirect heating concept is the longer service life as this method prevents the build-up of lime, stress cracking and corrosion of the heating coils. Over the last 20 years, however, users have gained a higher level of expertise concerning temperature control units, their use and the quality of the water that is used.


As far as the improved longlife heating cartridge is concerned, gwk relies on high-quality stainless steel materials to reduce stress cracking and corrosion. Other innovations, such as guided medium flows, an optimised load of the heating surfaces, semiconductor relays and multiple safety circuits, lead to a boost in reliability.



Securing investments with a long-term warranty for the heating cartridge



Thanks to these developments, the failure rate of heating cartridges with direct heat transfer is minimised. Due to the considerably improved heat transfer compared to the indirect heating concept, and the resulting higher efficiency, gwk prefers the direct heating concept for their temperature control units.


From now on, gwk offers an additional ten-year long-term warranty for the longlife heating cartridges made of stainless steel that are used in selected temperature control unit series. As a result, gwk stands not only for reliable and highly efficient technology but also for a high level of security in terms of the investment.



Direct heating concept ensures easy cleaning



An essential factor for maintaining the operability, efficiency and value of a machine or device is regular maintenance and cleaning. While a removable direct-heating cartridge can be cleaned mechanically without the need for aggressive chemicals at frequent intervals, this is much more complicated in the case of an indirect heating system due to the series arrangement of the heating zones. The simple "removal" of dirt and contamination is nearly impossible with such a system. Thus, easy cleaning is another advantage of a removable direct-heating concept.


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