gwk water chillers weco series

Quality standard, maintainability and energy efficiency further increased
gwk water chillers weco series – set up, connect, ready


gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, Meinerzhagen, has advanced the continuous development and modernisation of its range of compact water chillers and adapted it to the changing market requirements in close cooperation with customers. The main focus was on the increase of energy efficiency, the maintainability and the ease of operation. Additionally, the noise level could be reduced by a new fan concept. Thanks to a large number of useful options like redundant operating pumps, stainless steel pumps and various evaporator executions the modular machine design can be optimally adapted to the different fields of application.


The proven weco series has been upgraded by the installation of a user-friendly touchscreen with new integrated functions. By a light touch on symbols on the start page useful functions like temperature control, pressure control etc. can be selected. In order to supplement the operational safety, maintenance intervals and advice are indicated in clear text on the service page.


gwk compact water chillers are ready for operation. The advantage for the user is that the machine can be set up and connected at site for immediate use. An expensive installation at site is not necessary.


The air or water cooled compact chillers are equipped according to the latest developments in technology. The overall technical design of the unit and the precise measurement and control technology coupled with tailor made microprocessor control enable a high temperature stability for every application. The high capacity together with a compact footprint enable the chiller to be sited even in restricted areas.


As a specialist manufacturer of energy saving technology gwk is taking responsibility for the environment. For many years gwk has consequently equipped its chillers with environmentally friendly refrigerants. It was abstained from partly halogenated refrigerants whereas the chlorine-free refrigerant R 134a has been applied as proven standard. The damage to the ozone layer is completely prevented and the operational safety is increased even in case of high ambient temperatures.


On the occasion of the Fakuma 2014 gwk presents live the re-engineered compact water chiller, type weco 59AZ with air cooled condenser.


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