gwk cold water temperature controller teco cw

The ultra-compact energy-efficient solution for cold water

gwk cold water temperature controller teco cw


In practice the patented process for the cooling of mould segments that are difficult to be temperature controlled has been proven a lot of times. Every injection moulder is familiar with this basic problem: In the area of material accumulations of thick-walled cores and bars it is often not possible to make temperature control borings as they would collide with injection or demoulding release elements. Consequently these areas are heated up which leads to longer cooling times, to quality defects of the moulded part and to demoulding problems. A general reduction of the temperature level of the total mould temperature control would lead to quality problems in other areas of the moulded part. The connection of a water chiller that is operated with a water-glycol-mixture would be uneconomical and not be practicable.


The patented gwk solution includes cold water temperature controllers that can be operated without glycol in the temperature range between 0 °C and 25 °C. The user can select between two models that are differing in cooling capacity and flow rate. A precise microprocessor control with simultaneous indication of nominal and actual value, the simple one-touch operation, optional interfaces at the front panel and external sensor connection, splash-water proofed electrics and the cabling with CEE-socket ready for connection make the unit ready for immediate use. Leak stop operation, mould draining, acoustic alarm, automatic filling and top up, additional manual filling possibility for conditioned water, strainer in the cooling water connection and parts out of corrosion resistant materials that are in contact with the medium are part of the comprehensive standard equipment as well.


Directly in the unit close to the mould the circulation water is cooled down to lower temperatures. The heat that was absorbed in the mould is dissipated to the cooling water of the hydraulic cooling of the injection moulding machine. The teco cw series comprises different capacity ranges so that apart from the cooling of individual mould segments also smaller and medium sized injection moulds can be completely provided with cooling water.


On the occasion of this year’s Plastpol 2014 the teco cw 25 takes over the cooling of the injection moulding machine by Dr. Boy.

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