Compact models of the enersave series offer the highest levels of efficiency

gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, Meinerzhagen, will present their new enersave models for the first time at the Fakuma 2018 trade fair. With the integration of the protemp advanced and protemp selection series by Hahn Enersave GmbH, Wiehl, into its own product portfolio, the company has expanded its offer and strengthened its market position in the field of compact temperature control units.


Apart from the new generation of teco c units for temperature ranges up to 225°C and a heating capacity from 6 to 36 kW, which has been launched recently and which is based on the peripheral pump technology, the company can now provide temperature control units based on the highly efficient centrifugal pump technology for temperature ranges up to 140°C and a heating capacity from 6 to 50 kW thanks to the new enersave models.


This compact series, which has been mainly developed for applications with medium and high flow rates and for combination with water distributing systems, has been using high-quality stainless-steel centrifugal pumps for many years. Apart from their high flow performance and relatively low energy costs, these pumps are characterised by a long service life and, thereby, reduced maintenance costs.


Due to the design, dimensions and selection of components, the temperature control units are among the most efficient models on the market, offering comparatively high flow rates at the operating point. By using an optional frequency converter, the already high efficiency of the standard version can be increased even further, and the pump characteristic can be optimally adapted to the actual operating conditions.


In contrast to the peripheral pumps, which are normally used in compact devices, these units use centrifugal pumps, thereby enabling high energy cost savings and – under identical or improved production conditions – significant added value. At a flow rate of 50 l/min and a differential pressure of 3.8 bar, comparative measurements of both pump technologies have shown a reduction in energy consumption by 86% or 1.9 kW.


Apart from the particularly high level of energy efficiency, the enersave series impresses with high flow rates of up to 440 l/min at a back pressure of 3 bar, thereby considerably increasing the flow rate range of the existing gwk compact devices portfolio. In many cases, especially in situations with medium-sized and large machines, fewer units per machine are required if enersave systems are used compared to solutions with peripheral pumps. As a result, cost savings can be realised not only in terms of the current consumption, but also in terms of the installation and maintenance costs. In addition, the solutions have a small footprint.


Protemp advanced is available in four sizes (series 1 to 4) and all of them can be offered with direct or indirect cooling. The temperature control units have been specifically designed for applications requiring a high level of heat transfer and high flow rates at the operating point, i.e. in the presence of back pressure. Market benchmarks have shown that the models could achieve top results in terms of the available flow rate, cooling capacity and energy consumption. In addition, the series offers the most extensive range of features and options.



Protemp selection, on the other hand, is available in two sizes (series 1 to 2) with indirect cooling in the case of series 1 and direct cooling in the case of series 2. The temperature control units include a selection of the most important equipment features and functionalities of the Protemp advanced models. The standard version already features an electronic flow rate, pressure and feed and return flow temperature measurement system, a clear 4.3" touch screen control panel with plain text display, a pump bypass, an IP 54 control cabinet, dirt traps in the return flow from the connected device and in the cooling water inlet and ball valves in the feed and return flow of the connected device. 


With the new enersave series, the latest teco c generation and the proven modular temperature control units of the teco wi, wd, to and th series, gwk now offers an outstanding portfolio of water and oil temperature control devices with top levels of efficiency and flexibility for temperatures up to 400°C. 


In addition, gwk provides numerous system solutions for variothermal applications, multiple-circuit temperature control and mould-integrated temperature control technologies.


gwk is your perfect partner for the temperature control of processes.


Caption: The new units of the enersave series made by gwk are equipped with centrifugal pumps. (Picture: gwk)



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