New system solution for decentralised cooling

New system solution for decentralised cooling

The weco wd series heats and cools in a single unit, offering greater flexibility in production


With its new weco wd series, gwk (gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH of Meinnerzhagen, Germany) presents a solution for decentralised cooling at K 2016 (hall 10, stand J39). In doing so the specialist for centralised cooling systems is adding to its portfolio a series of machines that offer great flexibility in numerous applications. "The customer can individually and precisely adjust the idea coolant temperature for every process in production. As a result of the direct connection to the consumer there are no thermal losses, but a high flow rate and constant pressure," explains Markus Buch, Head of Product Management at gwk.


"The weco wd series is made up of easily operated plug & play machines, which are simple to install and commission," explains Buch. "This solution enables three processes: free cooling, refrigeration process for temperatures down to -5°C and temperature control up 90 °C – all freely selectable," he explains. There are four models available, with refrigeration outputs between 14 kW and 36 kW (at 15 °C inlet temperature) and heating outputs between 9 kW and 36 kW.


"The customer gets mobile, plug and play machines in extremely compact and sealed enclosures that can be individually adapted to different production conditions within a production facility," says Helmut Gries, Director of Sales and Marketing, describing the advantages of the new development. "In developing this series, we made use of the experience gained with a compact machine design that we built 20 years ago for polyurethane processing. With the addition of the free cooling function, we are expanding our portfolio of energy-saving system solutions for industrial cooling and temperature control with this series. It will be another building block in our project study, with which we are investigating the ideal system for our customers for their own individual requirements and their current and future needs, taking into account costs and energy efficiency. With the weco wd series we are not providing a centralised coolant temperature as previously, but can take specific thermal processes into account with precise accuracy on each production machine. This addition to our product range gives us a broader base than our competitors, who only offer centralised or decentralised solutions. Furthermore, the combination of cooling and temperature control unit in one plug and play machine is also very suitable as an additional unit and can be combined with centralised systems to optimum effect."


The standard equipment of the new machines includes a refrigerator circuit with a digitally controlled compressor, an integrated free cooling function for energy-efficient operation at low ambient temperatures and a temperature control circuit with constant heating control. Flow rate measurement and pressure display with a manometer in the circulating medium intake, as well as a motorised regulating ball valve in the temperature control circuit, are also part of the standard equipment package. The weco wd can also be optionally equipped with a second temperature control circuit, for example to achieve different temperatures on the injector and ejector sides of injection moulds. The machines have four different control circuits in one compact controller, a network connection for remote maintenance and freely selectable inputs and outputs for sensors and messages. Updates by means of USB connection or SD card can easily be installed by the service department or the customer.




Photo: The decentral solution weco wd heats and cools in a single unit (source: gwk).

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