Cleanroom temperature controller - Fakuma 2015

Cleanroom temperature controller up to ISO class 6


teco cr 1602: clean, precise, quiet and powerful


Besides special equipment demands that prevent contamination of the atmosphere the cleanroom production requires a very high reproducibility as well as a precise temperature control with close


gwk temperature controllers, model teco cr 1602t 9 are 2-circuit heating and cooling units with direct

cooling that are ready for connection and designed for the operation with water as heat transfer

medium. Besides the closed temperature control circuit the temperature controller teco cr disposes

of stainless steel castors as well as a stainless steel housing with noise absorption. Thus emissions

and particle contaminations can be reliably kept below the requested limit values.The unit is suitable

for cleanroom operation acc. to EN ISO 14644 up to ISO class 6.

Operation is quite simple by means of a touchscreen with coloured multilingual graphic display 3,5“, operating and service information including control  function are integrated. The flow rate is measured, monitored and supervised. In addition temperature set and actual values can be visualised simultaneously. Temperature input and display are selectable with decimal, furthermore the monitor disposes of a temperature trend indication. All usual interfaces are available for connection with the controllers of the processing machines. The serial equipment can be completed by various useful options.


A trouble-free operation is guaranteed by a comprehensive safety system including short-circuit

proofed control output, temperature sensor in circulation medium supply and return, safety temperature limitation against overheating and safety valve against overpressure, contactless heating control via solid state semiconductor relay as well as cooling down to safety temperature by switching off.  In order to avoid down times in cleanroom production the unit disposes of an automatic filling and water top-up device.



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