New: gwk hot water temperature controller teco cs 230

Premiere for new hot water temperature controller up to 225 °C

gwk presents ready-to-connect heating and cooling unit for the processing of high-performance plastic materials


In the past manufacturers of small precision parts out of high-performance plastic materials as for example PEEK were facing the challenge to obtain optimum part properties with mould wall temperatures of 200°C and more as for the mould heating and cooling on such a high temperature level predominantly thermal oil units had to be applied. The restricted heat transfer properties of this medium limited the reachable mould wall temperature in the cavities because of the available heat transfer surface in the often smaller injection moulds and the high radiation due to the high temperature level. Consequently the increased reject rates with simultaneously high material costs reduce the economic efficiency and increase the requirements for quality assurance. Several projects could not be realised for the a.m. reasons, but also because the demanded part properties could not be obtained at all.


As specialist for high temperature applications gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbh, Meinerzhagen, met these demands and extended its proven teco series with the new high-temperature controller teco cs 230t 9 that was designed for the operation with water as circulation medium. The closed water circuit allows process temperatures up to 225°C. This new model is presented at the Fakuma 2015 for the first time.


More than 15 years of experience with the worldwide proven teco wh that allows supply temperatures up to 200°C, went into the development of the new unit. Thus in the new teco cs 230t 9, too, a seal-less stainless pump with magnetic coupling was installed as well as pipes and a stainless steel tubular heat exchanger. The automatic pressurization and pressure control provides a safe   operation free from evaporation at high temperatures. An automatic high-pressure water top up has been developed for continuous operation during evaporation losses in the circulation medium circuit in order to eliminate conventionally necessary process standstill. By means of the new teco cs 230t 9 the advantage of the good heat transfer properties of water can be used to increase the economic efficiency of processing high-performance plastic materials in a process reliable way and to open up new areas of application.


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