gwk perfect cooling and temperature control

Perfect cooling and temperature control

Customer-specific standards. No contradiction.


As a system provider, gwk always has the entire production process under control and plans perfectly tailored temperature control and cooling solutions for every production process. This means that highly customised solutions are produced for each customer in order to achieve optimum results, often contributing to new customer requirements. gwk uses the ever-increasing expertise to expand its product portfolio, enabling it to turn former individual solutions into a modular construction system. gwk's customerspecific standards are produced on this basis.


Temperature control solutions from gwk will effectively unlock the full potential of your production. Systematic temperature control not only cuts production costs and optimises unit volume, but also improves parts quality and minimises reject rates. gwk temperature control systems are designed for industrial use, operate with precision and can be adapted to the individual needs of numerous sectors.


At the Fakuma 2015 gwk presents live a production cell where injection moulding of a part with high requirements to surface finish is produced by means of dynamic temperature control. Based on demonstrators with practical installations, exhibits and sample parts gwk shows an overview of state of the art solutions for the economic and energy efficient production of parts with high quality standards.


  • Demonstrator integrat evolution: Dynamic cavity temperature control with ceramic power heaters
  • Demonstrator integrat vario cs 160: Cyclic mould heating and cooling up to 160°C
  • Live integrat vario wh 200: Cyclic mould heating and cooling up to 200°C
  • Demonstrator integrat 40: Segmented mould heating and cooling up to 140°C
  • Demonstrator integrat direct: Multi-circuit water quantity control in standard and basic version up to 120 °C
  • Live integrat direct: Multi-circuit water quantity control version up to 95°C
  • Live integrat 4D: Mould inserts with close-to-cavity temperature control
  • Exhibits of the teco series for the operation with water, depending on the design with direct or indirect cooling up to 95, 120, 140, 150, 160 und 225 °C


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