The challenge of climate protection

The 21st century is facing many changes


Limiting global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius compared to the level before the start of industrialisation, these were the binding targets of the Climate Conference 2015 in Paris. The world’s entire population will be affected by global warming. Everyone must act, including
industrial enterprises.


It is entirely up to us

Highly efficient technologies are available today


Concepts and technologies for reducing CO2 emissions are already accessible. If these concepts and technologies are implemented and efficient devices and systems are used, our necessary climate protection targets can also be achieved.


It is our responsibility
to act rationally

Climate protection and economic
aspects can be agreed upon

With innovative technologies, gwk has solved the challenge of combining market-ready efficiency and climate protection technologies with economic buying interests. Many investments in gwk technologies pay for themselves in a short time.


CO2 reduction comes before
CO2 compensation

Measures to avoid emissions work quickly
and are consistent

Forestation projects for CO2 compensation are essential and necessary. In order to have a significant climate protection effect, however, a forest must exist for many years.

But what if the forest disappears due to various factors such as pest infestation or fires? The better way is to avoid CO2 emissions in the first place.



gwk makes climate protection possible in
many areas of application

Convince yourself with some practical examples.

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