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Energy recycling

gwk-energy recycling

Every industrial production requires energy in order to make products. Often, electrical or primary energy is induced as heat, used for operation and must then be dissipated, converted or destroyed.

Our gwk process engineers analyse and calculate production processes and the overall thermal periphery with the objective of lowering the necessary energy by means of energy recycling, of reducing the energy requirement at the individual stations, of converting energy or using it several times and dissipating it sensibly.

The result is considerable energy saving, which results in cost-cutting and contributes to preserving the environment.

gwk-heat pumps

Heat pumps are cooling machines which are primarily regulated by the cold water temperature and are mainly used to draw off heat from production units. In winter this heat is pumped to a higher temperature through the  compressor and made usable for heating purposes. In the summer the heat is drawn off into the outside air by
means of externally-located condensers. gwk heat pumps are filled with R 134a refrigerant and can produce hot water of temperatures of up to 60°C.

In order to heat service water all year round, a desuperheater is placed before the heating condenser to heat the service water up to a maximum of 70°C. Desuperheaters are an extremely useful option for each water chiller.

Heat pumps in combination with air extraction and ventilation units can be used in summer to provide cooling by
extracting the heat from large rooms and halls to provide cold air at specific points to cool production equipment such as blown film units, and to support the hall heating in winter by passing hot air directly from the heating condenser into the air ducts.

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Heat recovery

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