Cooling plants


Cold water circulation systems

Clean process water with gwk ku-plants

Water is one of the key elements in our daily life. It is a supplier of the most various requirements, also in the area of technical and mechanical production.

Water is an excellent cooling medium. ku-plants from gwk utilise the cooling energy provided by water to carry away heat from production machines in the most troublefree and cost effective way possible.

Removing side effects
Fresh water from a well, from rivers and from other surface reservoirs is always saturated with oxygen and includes a large number of minerals and suspended particles which can block up the cooling channels in production units through corrosion or by producing deposits.

ku-plants from gwk do not allow such problems to arise. A plate-type heat exchanger made of stainless steel separates the clean closed circuit that is used to cool the production from the natural fresh water circuit that
is contaminated with all kinds of impurities.


Permanently clean operational readiness
Cooling tower water loaded with concentrated solids and particles should not be passed through the cooling channels of production machines. Here too, gwk ku-plants provide clean working. A microprocessor controller working in combination with a continuously operating motorised valve provides precise temperature management regardless of the temperature of the fresh water available.

Consumption of fresh water is minimised and expensive water treatment is not required. The operating pump works continuously at the same pressure and thus ensures consistent flow conditions. Automatic water feeding prevents the water level dropping too low. Providing a standby pump that is switched in automatically and also emergency
cooling via the fresh water feed increases safety in operation.KU-plants are an ideal tool to reduce maintenance
costs, since all the production machines remain clean and ready for operation.

  • Microprocessor regulation
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Optional stand-by pump
  • Optional emergency cooling
Low space
operating costs
operational reliability


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