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integrat 4D

Mould inserts with
close-to-cavity temperature control

As a mould maker you know that the most important part in the process chain of producing plastic products is the injection mould. Nowadays, ordinary drilled cooling systems are hardly able to meet the requirements in terms of cycle time and quality.

The gwk integrat 4D system is the rational answer to the economic cooling process.

For technical parts, the cooling time is 2/3 of the overall cycle time, thus the largest cost-factor; therefore the greatest potential for rationalization lies in a correctly dimensioned cooling process.

Through close-to-cavity and segmented allocation of the cooling surfaces and the water quantities and  temperatures necessary to do so it is possible to reach the shortest cooling time, while at the same time achieving the best possible mould quality as well as reducing the reject rate considerably, and realizing a stable production process.

The closer the cooling channels are to the cavity and the more even the water distribution is realized, the more homogeneously heat can be transferred, which allows a faster cooling process.

For technical parts, the gwk-system may decrease cooling time by ca. 30 - 50 %. As a result, the overall cycle time is reduced by between 20 - 30 %.

The possibilities of reducing cycle times in such a way while at the same time maintaining or even improving the quality of the mould is certainly the greatest fi nancial advantage for the west European injection mould industry, as her production costs per hour are the highest.

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