system integrat

integrat 40

Segmented mould temperature control
with water up to 140°C

The integrat 40 is offered in two versions that – depending on the design - can be used for the operation with water up to 95°C or 140°C. The cooling water quantities for up to six completely independently operating temperature control circuits which are equipped with seal-free magnetically-coupled stainless steel pumps are controlled individually and constantly.


Together with the installed standard continuous heating regulation this achieves a homogenous temperature-profile on the surface of the mould cavity and is extremely energy-saving. The effect can be positively further enforced by employing the ideal combination with the integrat 4D, our proven technology for producing close-to cavity temperature-control channels inside the moulds.


The vertical construction with a footprint of 60 x 60 cm and the central electric and cooling water connection permits the cost- and space-saving integration into production cells.

Processors praise the intuitive and clear operator guidance on a central screen. All process data are represented numerically and graphically on a 7 inch touchscreen with colour display. Various password-protected user levels allow safe operation with saveable process parameters.


An interface to the machine control system and a USB-connection can be used to transfer the data to external data carriers. The touchscreen is either integrated into the temperature control system or in a housing that can be installed anywhere.

Improve Parts
Reject Rates
Low space

integrat 40

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