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Energy-saving hermeticool cooling systems

gwk hermeticool cooling systems use the differences of night and day temperatures as well as those of the seasons in order to produce cold water for production facilities in a cost-effective manner. Here the running time of the water chiller is reduced to a minimum.


gwk motor management
By means of the new gwk-motor management the actual power consumption of the fans is continuously monitored and adapted to the capacity demands via speed control, so that the lowest energy consumption is always attained. These new motors with a high efficiency rate in comparison to conventional technologies can be operated with an extremely low rotational speed, so that – in combination with the optional night time temperature reduction – a major decrease of the sound level can be achieved. The individual operating parameters of each motor can be stored and in case of an eventually required motor exchange, be reintegrated in the comfortable motor control system. By means of different installation examples gwk shows, how operating costs can be reduced by up to 85 % compared with conventional cooling systems.

hermeticool units can be used wherever the cooling water temperature is at least 5K above air temperature. The function of the system hermeticool is to transport heated water to the external free cooler where the heat is transferred to the ambient air by means of direct heat exchange.


Free from glycol and heat exchangers
Common free coolers must be filled and operated with a water-glycol mixture in order to prevent freezing in case of a plant standstill in winter. In order to not contaminate the consumers with glycol and thus limiting heat transfer, a heat exchanger must be installed to separate the circuits.

This is not necessary when using gwk hermeticool units, which are operated all year without glycol. Constructive details and an integrated safety system prevent freezing even without additional heating.


Free cooling with hermeticool hybrid
gwk-freecooler are space saving and energy efficient cooling systems. The hermeticool hybrid circuit, often known as adiabatic freecooler, is a closed circuit cooling system. The position of the unit is usually on the roof of the production building. At low night temperature the hermeticool is most efficient. The integrated hybrid function also permits the reliable function at high day time temperatures.

Free from glycol, no heat exchanger

  • New gwk motor management
  • Low space requirement and efficient
energy costs
operating costs

hermeticool/hermeticool hybrid

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