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Cooling towers

Our cooling towers are used worldwide

Our gwk engineers are passionate about developing technical solutions and this is what we as manufacturers want to prove in the area of cooling towers with our gvk/ghkv series. We see it as our task to understand the entire process of our customers. Therefore we have focused on quality and longevity for the products gvk/ghkv.

The cooling towers are part of a central cooling tower system, supplied turn-key and regulated with a freely programmable microprocessor control system or programmable logic control. They are used for dissipation of excess heat from production systems with a higher temperature level and they operate on the principle of evaporation. This is an important consideration for environmentally conscious industries.

To prevent pollution of the consumer by contaminated water from the cooling tower circuit, the cooling circuits of consumers and cooling tower are separated by an installed plate heat exchanger. As a rule, water treatment and water purification are part of our supply and service program. 


The gwk stainless steel cooling tower
The cooling tower pack is made from a plastic honeycomb structure with a high heat exchange capacity and high mechanical loading capacity. The housing is constructed from stainless steel, forming a completely installed unit together with the water basin. Low pressure high capacity fans with a high level of efficiency and a low noise level force the cooling air through the fill-pack.

Ensure that you receive the advantages of this series now and learn more about your solution options.

  • High exchange capacity
  • High mechanical loads possible
  • Resistant to most adverse weather conditions
  • Part of the central cooling tower plant
Low space
operational reliability


is used in the following processes