proflow ultrasonic

Industry 4.0 (IOT) in temperature control and cooling - contactless electronical fl ow measurement

Process data measurement and process control on highest level and maintenance-free

Following the user‘s request for easy maintenance and low susceptibility to slightly soiled water, the proflow ultrasonic - as a replacement for the current and widely used standard measuring variant with impeller, turbine or vortex - now makes contactless measurement according to the ultrasonic principle (without rotating parts) available. The sensors can be visualized via a protemp controller or connected to a PLC. Alternatively, the mechanical flow measurement according to the differential pressure principle is available with the proflow mechanical.


  • Easy to integrate in machines and plant lines
  • 4 or 6 x consumer channels (forward/return) 1/2“
  • Numerous possibilities of data communication
  • With dTOF- Technology and DDS-function
  • With LED-display on fl ow sensor
  • Temperature measurement PT 1.000
  • Big RED/GREEN Status LED
  • 1 x main connection 1“
  • Flow rate each channel 1 ... 30 l/min (no „overload-risk“-> 60 l/min possible])
  • Operating temperature: 0 ...120 °C